BDTC September 22 nd , 2022 Meeting:
Attending Members: Linda (Chair), Michael M. (Secretary), Jeanne Mooney, Ted Dukkas,
Richard Warning, Frank Frazier, Helen Bakeman, Anne Paulsen, Jeff L., Richard Madden, Peter
Grey, Debbie Deutsch, Chris Doyle, Agnus Abercrombie, Carolyn Schwartz, Marc Sacks, Kathy
Quirk, Paul Rickter, Russ Leino, Steve Klionsky, Cambell Eames, Vera Isk. (Treasurer)
1) Linda welcomes everyone to the meeting. We wait a few minutes for a few of the people
nominated for assoc. Members to arrive
2) Linda talks to us about other key democratic priorities:
a) Holding signs for Maura Healey outside Unitarian Church at Concord in Belmont
b) Katherine Clark, our state rep and assistant Speaker is holding an zoom town
c) Oct 2 nd fundraiser for Dave Rogers
d) Linda notes she goes into NH to help canvass, a fun time and she offers car
pool. She notes her and Jeff L have had really good conversation with voters
e) Linda is also holding phone banks at her house to call swing states.
3) Linda nominates Angus Abercrombie for Full Member status. Asks for seconds, receives
several seconds.
4) Angus gives a short speech. He notes he goes to Emerson, he has volunteered for the
fair share amendment, and Question 1 which the fair share adm. is now. He is studying
political communications. Also volunteered for a local campaign/state races.
5) Unanimously approved
6) Linda nominates Chris Doyle for Assoc. Member. Asked for a second, received several
seconds. Chris Doyle speaks about here family, which had one parent who was D and
one who was R, so she had a mixed household which had a really good debates. She is
a good government advocate and has gotten involved in Town Government. Chris Doyle
did phone-banking for Biden in 2020. She also has a postcard writing group that sends
post cards to PA, NH and NY.
7) Unanimously approved
8) Linda notes Julie Wu who worked really hard and well as our affirmative action officer,
has offered to resign, as she is leading or organizing several different town groups and
was a bit overwhelmed with all the different duties. Linda felt it is extremely important to
fill this position and seek to reach out to diverse communities in Belmont.
a) Debbie Deutsch notes that we need a Affirmative Action officer, but also want to
notes that there might be a separate effort to reach out to diverse communities
and seek to do outreach/recruiting in different communities.
b) Linda notes it was a bit hard to get new recruits to our group
c) Debbie D. notes that if we seek to ask folks to get involved on Roe decision, or
keeping the House of Representatives, and that will draw people in to our group.
It might be better than just asking people to signing up for a new group. If we give
them a cause or reason, they will make time.
d) Richard Madden asked about whether we should reach out to folks at the high
school who might want to be involved.
e) Angus A. notes that it can be complicated as we generally want to keep school
stuff non-partisan. But he said he can reach out to his high school friend who
might want to get involved. If we can provide a way for young students to get

involved when they see all this scary or bad stuff happening, or students who
want to get involved, we can be an asset to them!
f) Jeanne notes that sometimes clubs or organization who want to form in the High
School might need a facility advisor, would that be a hurdle?
g) Angus A. notes he believes the administration is open to allowing new groups to
form without too much additional red tape.

9) Discussion on the budget
a) Linda $9,000 in the bank. $2,000 in dues (in the black) and $1,700 in expenses
(in the red)
b) Linda introduces Dan Barry, to give a summary on our BDTC budget. WE plan to
Donate $1,000 dollars to Dem Sen campaign Committee, $1,000 to local Mass
campaign (5 $200 dollar donations to local campaigns), $1,000 to sister district
helps democrats win state leg races that make the rules for the 2022/2024
campaigns in key states (PA, VA, NH et al), and $1,000 dollars for the Fair share
amendment. To help it win and have these new funds used for education and
public transit.
c) Debbie D appreciates the organization of these funds, but wanted to ask about
the logistics of these donations. How will we allocate these funds? The money
does the best work earlier/now in the political cycle, the later the funds are added
the less oomf they have.
d) Dan Barry notes that we are planning to write a check for Sister district, Dem
Sen. Committee, and Question 1. We can talk to Sen. Brownsberger about some
key state sen. races we can donate to.
e) Angus A. notes that we should likely push resources toward Question 4, which is
about license for undocumented immigrants, which is endorsed by local police
who want safer streets. He notes question 1 polling showing it up like Maura
Healey, by a reasonable margin. He notes Question 4 polling shows it as only
wining as 2/4 points.
f) Cambell A. notes that she knows the organizers behind Yes on Question 4. Their
polling shows it winning, but hopes that shock poll pushes people to organize for
Queston 4. But they have to pass Question 4 again, as it was passed in Mass
state leg, however, the folks against it pushed to get it on the ballot.
g) Debbie Deutsch notes that she was outside a market basket/Star market saw
someone getting signatures, and asked them what it was for. She was getting
signatures to get Question 4 on the ballot to vote it down… so Debbie notes she
likes the law and police officers are supporting the state leg passing the law. The
women said “We, we are not going to agree on anything, so I don’t want to talk to
you about this”. So the stances of those folks are pretty well set against this.
h) Dan notes that Question 1 is a constitutional amendment that would be a more
permanent effect, and Question 4 would be overturning a Mass state Leg law,
but the leg could revisit that overturning.
i) Ann Paulson that would could add $500 to question 1/question 4 so we make
sure to help both causes.
j) Debbie notes it is very important that we spend for these good causes, but we
also save at least 50% of our money for 2024, which is a huge election. Even as
important as 2022!

k) Ann Paulson notes we could allocate $4,500 dollars for key causes but allow the
sub-committee on budgeting to give the final #’s.
l) Angus A. notes that is good, but we should definitely give guidelines to the
committee of where we are aiming for.
m) Dan Barry notes he really wants to make sure that the whole BDTC votes on this,
because there could be a tension between the Sub-committee and the will of the
n) Dan proposes this allocation of funds as so:

o) Russ L. notes that we should split the funds a bit more towards the ballot
Questions which are a bit more in need of funds and resources.
p) Cambell E. notes that we should consider that Yes on Question 4 could really
use these funds and especially considering what was going on at Martha’s
Vineyard (DeSantis stunt).
q) Richard Madden notes that where are we going to take that money to put
towards question 4? Should we split question 1 funds?
r) Anne Paulson said that Queston 1 is likely already on the air (TV), and has
significant funds.
s) Agnus A. notes that keeping money for Mass state campaigns is important to
send a message to republicans that democrats stand firm. Also funds to state leg
in swing states are key too! Take it from Question 1 (Fair share) as they are
significant funds to complete.
t) Dan Barry has an updated list of allocation of funds below:

v) All prior amendment are withdrawn by their sponsors to put before our BDTC one
simple financial proposal. The one proposed by Dan Barry and Linda L. The
Proposal above. $1,000 Mass State campaigns. $500 to the DSCC, $500 to the
DCCC, $1,000 to Yes on 4. and 500 for Yes on Question 1 (fair Share amd.) and
$1,000 for sister district.
w) Unanimous support from all Full Members. Linda adjourns/ends our meeting.