Linda Levin-Scherz, Cabell Eames, Dan Barry, Michael McNamara, Carolyn Schwartz, Vera Iskandarian, Stephen Shestakofsky, Joanne Coakley, Barbara Miranda, Helen Bakeman, Ruth Smullin, Jean Dickinson, Susan Staves, Debra Deutsch, Ted Dukas, Frank Frazier, Elizabeth Goss, Taylor Yates, Jennifer Belok, Dick Madden, Barbara Barry, Angus Abercrombie, Will Brownsberger, Dave Rogers

Move to vote for Associate Members: Angus Abercrombie, Taylor Yates: Unanimously approved


Vera Iskandarian reported that we have $8,939 in the treasury

Senator Will Brownsberger reported on Senate action items, including the voting rights bill, licenses for undocumented immigrants, climate bill, and right to repair

Representative Dave Rogers reported on House items, including abortion rights bill, driver’s license bill, money for MBTA, and mental health bill