May 19, 2022 Minutes

Attendance: Linda (chair), Julie Wu, Will Brownsberger, Jeff Levin-Scherz, Nan Donald, Dan Barry, Barbara Barry, Debbie Deutsch, Stephen Shestafofsky, Angus Abercrombie, Jeanne Mooney, Michael McNamara, Marc Sachs, Russ Leino, Vera Iskandarian, Ann Quirk, Kathy Quirk, Frank Frazier, Cabell Eames, Joanne Coakley, Barbara Miranda, Helen Bakeman, Ruth Smullin, Jean Dickinson, Susan Staves, Ted Dukas, Elizabeth Goss, Taylor Yates, Jenny Belok, Dick Madden, Angus Abercrombie

Endorsement meeting

Belmont Dems had a robust conversation about the statewide candidates.


Only two candidates met the 2/3 of those eligible to vote threshold: Maura Healey got 25 votes and Chris Dempsey received 19, just meeting the threshold. Diana DiZoglio had 5. The Fair Share Amendment also got our endorsement with 23 votes. 

Lt. Gov:

Eric Lesser was the top vote getter (16 votes) for Lt. Gov, but was shy a few votes for endorsement. Kim Driscoll had five votes, Tami Gouveia had 1 and neither Bret Bero nor Adam Hinds got any votes.


Quentin Palfrey had 14 votes, Andrea Campbell, and Shannon Liis-Reardon 1

Secretary of State

Tanisha Sullivan had 13 votes, William Galvin 9