BDTC July 13, 2022 Meeting and Budget Discussion:
Attending Members: Linda (Chair), Michael M. (Secretary), Richard Warning, Kathy Quirk, Vera
I (Treasurer), Stephen K. Dan B. Cambell A.
1) Discussing our chair Linda’s Health (she is ok, just a bit under the weather)
2) Linda: Discussion of office space, or where we should put our funds. Vera I. notes that it
is in budget for 2024 (Budget office space).
3) Richard W. notes that we could use this money for state offices, especially Maura Healy.
Or we could try to donate to down ballot races. SoS races, or Attorney General. Should
we focus on some state races? Republicans could sneak through in the more lower
profile races. How should we consider donating for causes? Abortion?
4) Michael M. We could definitely pass the hat and get donations for Abortion rights and
services organizations and we should. But after talking to other fellow BDTC they note
that we should focus on helping Democrats in our state and nationally. We NEED to
keep the senate to (hopefully) nominate pro-women, pro-democracy judges (If
Alito/Thomas retire). I noted that we should also work to elect Democrats in state races,
as abortion will be decided state by state thanks to the Supreme Court Dobbs decision. I
note that it is like trying to help someone who is wounded in a war zone. You need to
stop the wound in the immediate term, but you need to deal with the larger security
issues. We can pass the hat to help Abortion rights and services groups (Planned
Parenthood and other local groups that really need the funds), but we really need to help
the Democrats in the national level. I note that this is larger than just abortion, Texas is
trying to overturn Obergefell V Hodges (Legalizing Same Sex Marriage) or even
Lawrence V Texas (Legalization Same sex Relationships). We could see gay or lesbian
people being arrested for holding hands or loving their life partner. Or Birth Control being
illegalized (overturning Griswold v. Connecticut)
5) Cambell A. Notes that get Healy elected is a really big deal, as these abortion decisions
are being decided state by state. (She notes Michael M. Point) Also, in Norfolk one of
our strong Rep. (Rausch) has been redistricted and two more conservates districts and
the republicans have nominated a strong republican challenger. Worries that GOP
national groups may dump a large amount of cash in more low-key races.
6) Dan B. Notes that we really need to focus on national races, and worries about
Democrats losing another SCOTUS seat. Notes Sotomayor could be at risk due to her
diabetes. It is really important that we work on National Senate races. Maybe Sister
7) Linda Notes we could big two or three things, Sister district, national groups or state
races. We also have force Multiplier which do a lot of research into which candidates
have the best shot of winning. Also 100% (or close to it) go to the candidates. Fetterman
is a key canidate in PA Senate. WE could also use our money to send people to
canvass or help door knock for NH or PA. We could budget resources to offset gas or
lodging or food for a couple interested members or college students interested in it.
8) Michael M. notes that all Senate campaign could use more money to target voters a little
more, have more money to outreach to low turnout voters, or get more volunteers. Notes
other BDTC members note we should donate to key National races. Notes NV senate
(under Cortez-Masto) and Maggie Hassen (NH Senate) would be key races.
9) Dan B. Notes we can donate to the fair share amendment, as that would be an important
cause in Mass that would be a key issue in our state.

10) Richard notes that we might use 4,000 dollars while saving a portion for late.
11) Vera I. notes we have not really collected dues so we might be able to get more
12) Linda notes that we should make a decision on a few ideas that we should push for with
our money.
13) Dan B. Notes we could give money to 1,000 to sister district, 1,000 to mass state
districts, 1,000 to the ballot question, 1,000 to Democratic senatorial campagin
14) Stephen K. notes if we had an additional 1,000, we could donate to force multiple.
15) Cabell A. for MA state races, that 1,000 dollars will be divided as such: 5 races, 200
dollars apiece.
16) Proposal: Dan B. our plan to give money as such: $1,000 to Sister District, $1,000 to
Mass state campaigns/districts (1,000 dollars will be divided as such: 5 races, $200
apiece), $1,000 to the Ballot question (Fair Share Amendment), $1,000 to Democratic
senatorial campagin committee (DSCC)
17) Members see open to this allocation of funds, and Vera I notes she could send out this
potential proposal to other BDTC members and get their feedback.
18) Cambell notes we could have a BDTC meeting on the budget and also have a
streaming/watching party for the Jan 6 th prime time hearing!!
19) Linda likes the idea, but notes our meeting would need to be accessible to all members
(no stairs, and easy for folks old and young and disabled to get access)
20) Linda notes we might do a meeting next week that would happen on the Prime-time Jan
6 th committee hearing. If we don’t have more than 8 people, we might just talk about the
budget and not vote on it (as we need quorum). Would be on July 21 st,
21) Linda: Notes that we will see if the members are open to going to see the hearing on
July 21 st Thursday at a BDTC member house, where we could also discuss the budget.
22) Cambell suggests a member and says she will reach out and see if that is ok with them.
23) Linda notes that the budget vote might actually be in Sept because we need a quorum
and would likely need a critical mass of people to vote on the budget.