7:02 Meeting Begins

  1. Vera L. Iskandarian, self nominated for Treasurer
  2. Michael McNamara, self nominated for Secretary
  3. We have Quorum and Proxies for New Executive Board Election
  4. Voted unanimously

Activism Update:

Discussing MA governorship campaign and resources to use if Baker runs or not.  Where will out focus be especially because of national mid-terms.

Identify Democrats to support in purple districts or state and to donate to them

Discussion of other activism we can do in town including reaching out to asian americans, table at farmers market or at post office, etc.

Dylan has graciously volunteered to help BDTC with its website and social media presence

We will participate in town day

Upcoming Events


7: 00 P.M. First Guest: .  


Full (Elected)  Members:


Cabell Eames

Linda Levin -Scherz

Vera Iskandarian

Michael McNamara

Jeanne Mooney

Jeff Levin-Scherz

Debbie Deutsch

Will Brownsberger

Liz Goss

Lifetime Members:

Associate Members:


Stephen Shestakosky

Dylan Griffith

Frank Frazier

Kathy Quirk

Larry Link

Russ Leino