Proposed Agenda for Joint Environmental Meeting with Sustainable Belmont and Belmont Republicans

We see two separate but complementary issues:

1) Reduce packaging waste

2) Reducing carbon

The first falls under a broad way to improve our environment, both aesthetically and important for animal health and preservation. 

  1. Dave discusses legislation that would restrict single-use plastic straws; improve plastic bottles; prohibit polystyrene containers; reduce packaging waste; and a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags. 
  2. Will discusses transportation issues, including ways to improve infrastructure that supports bike riders and pedestrians.
  3. Dave talks about policies to transition to electric buses and creating a multi state offshore wind facility.


  1. Phil Thayer speaks on solar panels, electric cars, and geothermal heat.
  2. Paul Roberts talks about Fix-it clinic
  3. Dave and/or Will talk about mixed-use housing

Political Action

  • Form working groups that will follow legislation from Committees, call representatives.
  • What is likely to go through the legislature? How can we help?
  • Hold an environmentally-themed movie night
  • Have a town-wide book discussion on Draw Down, a solution-based book
  • Update on schools-will the high school be a green building?
  • Pressure restaurants to compost, eliminate straws and polystyrene
  • Have educational tables in front of Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Whole Foods and Star urging customers to think before the sip and bag. (Anyone have good contact info for these companies to discuss an Earth Day promotion of giving lifetime cups and bags to the first 100 customers? Or sell them at cost?)
  • Work with establishments encourage local shopping and purchasing reusable bags and products from Bells and Whistle
  • Get a Styrofoam and straw ban going
  • Unlikely, but maybe raise money for an electric van that could sweep through town during peak shopping hours to bring residents to the local shopping districts
  • Have a liaison with Warren, Markey, Clark
  • Partner with other towns