April 9, 2024

The Belmont Democratic Town Committee wishes to express its condemnation of Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel and the taking of hundreds of  hostages, and the subsequent Israeli response in Gaza that has, in turn, led to the death of many thousands of innocent civilians, widespread destruction, and a humanitarian crisis that demands immediate action.

We call for:

  • The unconditional release of all hostages taken by Hamas or its proxies, including the bodies of those that may have died in captivity. 
  • The safe passage of humanitarian aid to Gaza.
  • The cessation of attacks on Israeli and Palestinian civilians  
  • A full investigation and accounting into violations of international law.

As a call to action, we pledge to:

  1. Call on our elected federal officials to take a stand in support of protecting civilians and allowing humanitarian aid to be delivered to Gaza without disruption or harm.
  2. Start a communications campaign supporting a path forward to secure mutual peace and lasting prosperity for Israelis and Palestinians.
  3. Express our support for enforcing US law that requires that countries receiving arms shipments respect human rights.    
  4. Express our support for a full investigation into international law violations by those involved in the conflict.
  5. Express our support for the Biden Administration’s vigorous efforts to bring peace to the Middle East.