DTC Monthly Meeting Minutes

Minutes from January 10, 2013 meeting  (DRAFT)

The meeting was called to order by Vice-Chair, Dick Rowe.  We were just short of a quorum, so votes during the initial part of the meeting were taken on a provisional basis, subject to affirmation by a quorum later in the meeting.  We had lots of refreshments (brought in by 4 members), including a cake (courtesy of Sallye Bleiberg) that read “Happy Retirement, Steves” (in honor of Steve Klionsky and Steve Shestakofsky).

  1. Approval of minutes from the November 29, 2012 meeting
  2. Election of Associate Members (unanimous):  Russell Leino and Mary Bradley.  Russell and Mary spoke briefly about themselves; both have recently moved to Belmont.  Welcome, Russell and Mary!
  3. Election of Full Members (unanimous):  Wayne Mesard and Tony Alcorn.
  4. At next meeting (we’re waiting on confirmation of an available date from the office of Representative Edward Markey, who has agreed to be our guest speaker), we will be voting to fill the full member seat recently vacated by Ann Verilli.
  5. The upcoming BDTC caucus, to elect delegates to the June 2, 2013 State Platform Convention, will be held on Sunday, February 10, 2013, at 2 p.m.  Arrangements with respect to the location are still being made. The Chair asked for volunteers to help with registration at the caucus and the following people volunteered:  Helen Golding, Steve Klionsky, Anne Mahon, Wayne Mesard, and Steve Shestakofsky.
  6. As a result of the Warren Committee running out of money, Chair Trish Lohmar was not reimbursed by that organization for its share of costs (printing, etc.) for operations at the Belmont DTC coordinated campaign office, in the amount of $109.42.  A motion to reimburse to Trish from DTC funds was approved unanimously.
  7. Meeting was recessed; transitioned to Platform Hearing, conducted by Sallye Bleiberg and Steve Shestakofsky.  The next Platform Hearing is scheduled for January 30, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. (details on hearing and copy of existing platform available at belmontdemocrats.org).
  8. Upon conclusion of Platform Hearing, the meeting having in the interim achieved a quorum, the previous votes were ratified (approval of minutes, election of associate and full members, reimbursement of T. Lohmar).
  9. The meeting was adjourned.


Minutes from November 29, 2012 Meeting (approved 1/10/13)

The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Trish Lohmar.  In the opening segment of the meeting, representatives of the Obama, Warren, and Rogers campaigns (Debbie Deutsch, Sallye Bleiberg, and Rachel Sorenson) took the opportunity to express their thanks for the support they received from Belmont volunteers and to recap some of the highlights of their campaigns.

Next, we welcomed John Walsh, Chairman of the Democratic State Committee.  Walsh spent almost an hour speaking to the Town Committee; his insights reflected his long tenure as a Democratic strategist and party leader.  Among the topics Walsh covered

1)      The recent presidential and senatorial races, what we did well, and what we might have done better;

2)      Ways to reach to expand our base, with special emphasis on reaching out to Democrats who haven’t been voting; and

3)      The State Platform convention in June and what we can do to help prepare for it, plus the exciting addition of a (simultaneous) Youth Convention aimed at high school activists.

Walsh then took questions from the Committee.  In response to questions, Walsh

1)      Touched on the importance of continuing to organize communities of color and noted that leadership within these communities was key in the recent Democratic successes in this state,

2)      Expressed confidence that the party will be able to field a strong candidate for U.S. Senate, should there need to be a special election to replace Senator John Kerry,

3)       Discussed other ways to facilitate voting by inactive Democrats (including early voting and same-day registration).

After Walsh completed his presentation, Trish Lohmar quickly took up the important business of planning for future activities and called for volunteers to help out with the following committees/activities:

1)       Membership

2)      Fund raising

3)      Programming, including activities in support of developing the party platform (Steve Shestakofsky and Sallye Bleiberg have agree to organize this)

4)      Website

Trish directed members to the DTC website for information about getting tickets to the Presidential inaugural.  She also announced that there are 2 openings on the Committee (Tim Riley has resigned after moving out of Belmont; Sallye Bleiberg is an ex officio member as a result of being on the state committee and thus does not need to occupy one of our elected seats).  Anyone who is an associate member is eligible to be considered for one of these seats.  The election will occur at our next DTC meeting.  It was mentioned that nice to get (a) cultural diversity and (b) youth in our new members.

After a motion to adjourn, which was seconded and approved unanimously, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Helen Golding, Secretary

December 4, 2012


June 13, 2012 Meeting Minutes (Approved July 12, 2012)

The Democratic Town Committee meeting was convened by Trish Lohmar, Chair, at 7:00 p.m., following a social half-hour.  The following matters were addressed:

1)      Recap of successful Town Day table (Sallye Bleiberg and Trish Lohmar)

2)      Recap of State Convention (Sallye Bleiberg)

3)      Report on Elizabeth Warren Senate campaign (Sallye Bleiberg) and Obama for President (Debbie Deutsch).  Both campaigns continue to recruit volunteers for canvassing, phone banks, etc.

4)      Approval of revised By-Laws (unanimously), with thanks to Steve Klionsky and Barbara Miranda for making the revisions

5)      Report on new organization – Occupy Belmont – which is sponsoring a speaker on June 25 at 7 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Church (Jennifer Page)

6)      On June 25, President Obama will addressing a big gathering at Symphony Hall.  Tickets are available starting at $250.  (Carl Brauer)

7)      Reminder to pay dues and status of dues collection efforts to date (Ted Dukas)

8)      Trish Lohmar brought to the Committee’s attention that Daniel Vernick, a student at Belmont High School who has been active in several local campaigns, has been accepted into the highly selective Young Democrats of America, High School Leadership Academy, being held this July in D.C.   There was a lively discussion about how to recognize and promote involvement by young Democrats.  In the end, the Committee took 2 actions:

  1. There was a motion that, in recognition of Daniel Vernick’s winning a place in the national Young Democrat Leadership conference, the Committee sponsor his attendance by awarding him $575 (the cost of registration for this conference) – this motion was approved by the Committee; and
  2. A committee, consisting of Steve Klionsky, Anne Mahon, Gretchen McClain, and Joanne Coakley, was formed to consider and report back to the full Committee on principles and procedures that might govern similar youth-oriented awards/scholarships in future years.

9)      The next meeting of the Committee is scheduled for Thursday, July 12, at the Selectmen’s meeting room (Town Hall).  There was a discussion about possible agenda items.  It was decided not to endorse a candidate for State Representative ahead of the September primary.  All three of the candidates for Governor’s Council have been invited to address the Committee at this meeting; so far, the two non-incumbent candidates have agreed to attend.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Helen Golding, BDTC Secretary