National Day of Service


On Saturday, January 19th, the Belmont Democratic Town Committee sent volunteers to work with the City Mission Society of Boston, heeding President Obama’s call to provide service to others. Steve Klionsky, Trish Lohmar, Joe Mayer, Thomas Nehrkorn, Jennifer Page and Rep. Dave Rogers spent the morning cleaning and organizing Russell Elementary School in Dorchester as part of the City Mission Society’s 6th Annual MLK Day of Service and Learning. They joined a group of over 200 volunteers who were deployed throughout the Greater Boston area with the hope of affecting the lives of over 3000 people.

“In his State of the Commonwealth address, Gov. Patrick called for more money for education. Working at the Russell Elementary School was a reminder that not all children have access to high-quality schools like those we have in Belmont” said Lohmar, Chair of the Belmont DTC. “Participating in a Day of Service not only allows you to give back to the community, but can often open your eyes to concerns and problems that, fortunately, you haven’t had to worry about. It instills both gratitude and a desire to do what you can to help others in need.”


President Obama added the day of service projects to the inaugural schedule in 2009 and hopes it will become a tradition for future presidents. “It’s a terrific reminder of who we are as Americans,” Obama said.