Platform Hearing – TONIGHT – Wed., Jan. 30th

January 30, 2013 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

The Massachusetts Democratic Party revises its Platform every four years at the June Democratic State Convention. In preparation for this year’s debate and vote, State Chair John Walsh appointed Newton Mayor Setti Warren to serve as Chair of the 2013 Platform Committee. The Committee will commence meeting in February and has requested input. The Belmont Democratic Town Committee (BDTC) is hosting two State Party Platform Hearings, open to all registered Democrats. The results of the hearings will be sent to Mayor Warren.

The first Belmont hearing is scheduled for Thursday, January 10th in the Selectmen’s Room in Town Hall. The hearing will follow a brief BDTC business meeting at 7pm. The second hearing will begin at 7pm on Wednesday, January 30th at 7pm, also in the Selectmen’s Room. Both hearings will end promptly at 9pm.

Based on a survey of BDTC members, the following planks of the platform will be discussed in order of level of importance to those members: 1) Revenue and Expenditures, 2) Voting Reform, 3) Economic Growth and Job Creation, and 4) Healthcare and Human Services. However, in light of the recent tragedy in Newtown, CT, Committee Chair Trish Lohmar and Program Subcommittee Chairs Steve Shestakofsky and Sallye Bleiberg elected to place Public Safety and Crime Prevention in the lead-off position.

The BDTC recommends taking the time to become familiar with the Platform planks before attending the hearings as there will not be adequate time to allow for questions about the Platform at the hearings. The entire Platform can be viewed on this website under “About Us”.  Each speaker will be allowed 3 minutes to speak once per plank. When all attendees wishing to speak about Public Safety and Crime Prevention have done so, the hearing will move on to Revenue and Expenditures, and so on.
No debate between speakers will be allowed. However, all views presented at the hearings will be forwarded to the Platform Committee of the Massachusetts State Party for debate. Additionally, any registered Belmont Democrat who would like to attend the June State Convention, which will debate and vote on the platform, may run for Belmont Delegate at the 2013 Winter Caucus on Sunday, February 10th.