Our Campaign Office is Open!

Our campaign office at 99 Blanchard is open!  All Democratic candidates can use the office for their campaigns – there’s plenty of room for phone banks and mailing parties as well as room for the storage of campaign materials.  We encourage all campaigns to provide the office with literature and campaign signs/bumper stickers/pins for anyone who stops to get information on the candidates.

We would like to have someone in the office during the day on weekdays (10 AM – 8 PM) and weekends (10 AM – 6 PM on Saturday, 12 Noon – 6 PM on Sunday) to help anyone who might stop by or call.  If you are interested in manning the office or want more information about what is involved, please call us on the office phone (617 678-3947)  or email us at BelmontDTC [at] yahoo [dot] com.
We are also in great need of supplies for the office.  If you can loan or donate any of the items listed below, let us know.
– Office organization stuff (mailboxes, storage units, data bin crates, etc.)
– Desktop computers; ideally, systems running the latest Windows or Mac OS X.
– All-in-one printer/copier. – Fast Laser printer(s).
– Lots of printer paper.
– Network switch (8-ports or more) and various lengths of Ethernet cable.
– Refrigerator(s).
– Coffee maker.
– Snack food, drinks, etc.
This is the first time we’ve had such an office in Belmont so have patience with us!  We’re very excited to have this resource available and look forward to having such an office every two years.  If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know.