Belmont delegates head to the Convention

June 2, 2012

Belmont delegates head to the annual State Democratic Convention on June 2. Elected by the Belmont Democratic Town Committee at the February 12th caucus are delegates Debbie Deutsch, Jenny Fallon, Kate Foster, Carolyn Huang, Trish Lohmar, Ann Mahon, Gretchen McClain, Barbara Miranda, Jeanne Mooney, Tony Alcorn, Marty Cohen, Steve Klionsky, Paul Rickter, Dan Scharfman, Joel Semuels, and Jim Staton with Donna Brescia as alternate. Members of the State Committee Sallye Blieberg and John Buckley, along with State Senator Will Brownsberger and Belmont Democratic Town Committee Chair Trish Lohmar, will attend the convention as ex-officio delegates.